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Thanksgiving is an eventful holiday where families come together to share an incredible meal and spend quality time together. Everyone enjoys Thanksgiving for different reasons – some watch sports while others stream multiple episodes of old TV series through multiple channels; there are even those who prefer engaging in physical activities instead.

Thanksgiving activities that can be printed are an investment that should not be overlooked. This makes printable Thanksgiving activities worthwhile of your consideration.

Most Thanksgiving printable activities are tailored towards younger children, making the games kid-friendly and adding excitement for Thanksgiving Day and beyond. Kids typically love playing these activities and they may continue playing well beyond Thanksgiving day itself! There’s a wide range of Thanksgiving activities that kids can find fun playing throughout November leading up to it as well.

Printable Thanksgiving Activities

What kinds of games are available? There is an assortment of Thanksgiving-related printable activities, including:

Word Search Games

These are similar to the kinds of word searches found in newspapers; with one important difference: these games focus on Thanksgiving-related themes instead.

Match Games

Match Games is an enjoyable test of memory that involves pairing various Thanksgiving-related images together. If players find they cannot match all images correctly in this game, then they should focus on keeping their memory sharp so as to blend and pair correctly – potentially a brain bending experience!


Bingo, one of the world’s favorite pastimes, can provide hours of festive holiday fun when played during this Thanksgiving-themed version of bingo. All its rules remain the same but its Thanksgiving-centric elements set it apart from other titles available on the market.

Crossword Puzzles

Like word search games, crosswords have long been an indispensable feature of newspaper editions and have even outshone newspapers due to the growing popularity of books with crossword puzzles containing crosswords – not forgetting numerous printable Thanksgiving-themed crossword games which include crossword puzzles.

There are only a select few printable Thanksgiving activities for you to play. These games can provide hours of enjoyment while celebrating all that the Happy Thanksgiving holiday offers. Give one or more a try, and see which ones appeal most!

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