These are the top tips for Amtrak Train Travelers First Timers

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Meet your fellow train passengers

You’ve probably heard it before: Train Travelers First Timers offers the chance to meet people from all walks of life. Many of them are first-time riders, just like you. Lounge and Dining Car are the best places to make new friends or meet people.

The Amtrak App will keep you in the know

You want to simplify your travel experience? The app is available for Windows, Android, and iPhone. This app is great for checking the status and finding a station near a destination. It also allows you to present your train ticket. It will ensure that you don’t miss any important information.

If you didn’t book a bedroom, the bathroom

Do not let strangers use the bathroom if you do not plan to walk in. Some people forget to lock the bathroom door behind them. Always lock the bathroom door when not in use. Always.

The Quiet Car is Designed to Be Just That — Quiet

Quiet Cars can be found on many trains, including short-distance ones. To avoid disturbing others, phones must be turned off or headphones used. This tranquil atmosphere is the ideal place to unwind for a while. Seating is limited and first-come first-served.

When walking through the train, keep your shoes on

You can walk around the train as many times as you like. You should be careful when you are walking between cars on the train. When the train is moving, safety plates can shift and pinch. It’s not a good idea to become the victim of an accident on your bucket list vacation. Due to the constant lurching of cars, it can take some time to find your balance.

Are You Traveling Overnight? Book a Room in a Sleeping Car

Reserving a Roomette/Bathroom onboard the train is the best way to travel long distances. All meals in the Dining Car are included in your reservation. Hot showers, hot water, soft drinks, ice and coffee are also included. A dedicated Sleeping Train Travelers First Timers Car Attendant will be assigned to you (please tip them).

The Best Views

If you travel West, the best views will be on the right side. Are you traveling East? Make sure you sit on the left side when traveling east.

Relax and enjoy the journey

A train vacation is an unforgettable experience. To truly appreciate it, you must experience it for yourself. Relax and enjoy your journey.

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