10 Things You Should Do in Isla Holbox

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From the beaches to hammocks and nature reserves

Chill on the beach

Holbox has many beautiful beaches that are worth exploring. Villa Flamingos is a beachfront hotel that has direct access to Holbox’s turquoise water and Holbox sandbar. We spent much of our time on the water, or taking in the stunning views. It was pure bliss!

Playa Holbox is the most famous and largest beach. It runs from the centre of town to the end, where it ends at Hotel Las Nubes. The majority of the beach is reserved for restaurants and hotels, but parasols can be rented and you can walk along the shoreline. You can walk along the beach, which runs from Holbox to the sandbar at Las Nubes.

Playa Punta Cocos is a quieter beach on the west side. It’s 2.5km from the town center. You can either cycle or use a golf cart to get there. Although it’s beautiful, part of the route goes through the bird sanctuary. Visitors are asked not to cross it. There is a small jetty and local vendors selling snacks and drinks. You can also rent loungers.

Playa Punta Cocos offers one of the most beautiful spots to view the sunrise and sunset on the island.

Stroll the sandbar to Punta Mosquito

The long sandbar stretching from Hotel Las Nubes towards Punta Mosquito, where the island’s flamingos live, is one of the most beautiful places in Isla Holbox. It is best to walk the sandbar in the morning as it is most exposed at low tide. You can also cycle part of this route and then leave your bike at the beach near the river to join the sandbar.

Swim with the Whale Sharks

You can swim with the whale sharks if you visit Holbox in the summer months. They are the largest and most docile fish in the ocean. Mexico is home to the world’s largest concentration of whale sharks. To swim with the whale sharks on the island, you will need to be part of a tour.

We want to share the lessons we learned in Holbox if you are concerned about sustainability and ethics when swimming with whale sharks. The WWF (World Wildlife Federation), worked with locals to educate them and established guidelines for whale shark tours to Mexico. These include swimmers and boats keeping a safe distance from sharks, not touching them and wearing sunscreen. During whale shark season, volunteers are also stationed by the WWF to help tourists.

Explore the island by Golf Cart or bike

Renting a golf cart, or renting a bicycle for the day is a great way to see the island. Holbox’s equivalent of a car, golf carts make it easy to tour the island in one. Most hotels can arrange for a rental of a golf cart or bicycle from locals.

Enjoy the Unforgettable Sunsets

Holbox’s sunsets are spectacular. The sunsets in Holbox are different, whether it’s the beautiful island vibes or their relaxed beauty. The golden sunset below the horizon makes it one of the most memorable memories we have of Isla Holbox. It is also one of the reasons that we long to return.

The best places to see the sunset are on the beaches, with Playa Punta Coco’s or the Holbox Pier the most popular.

Check out the Holbox Street Art

Holbox’s colourful street art is a unique feature. Visitors to the island will no doubt have seen many of these beautiful murals before arriving.

Although there are many pieces of street art scattered around Holbox, the majority of them are found in the centre of town near Playa Holbox. Jano Jace’s ‘Himalaya Maya,’ which depicts a Mexican Himalayan girl, is one of the most well-known. It was created as part of the Holbox International Art Festival 2014. It is located right in front Painapol Holbox which serves delicious smoothie bowls.

Swing in a Holbox Hammock

Isla Holbox is synonymous with the beachfront hammocks. They are featured in many idyllic photos of the island.

There are four hammocks at Playa Holbox, and one at Punta Cocos Beach. You may need to purchase food or drinks if you have a hammock that belongs to a hotel or beach club.

Punta Cocos Beach is a beautiful beach located on the west side of Holbox, about 2.5km from central.

Carolinda Beach Club – Three colourful hammocks with a pair of swings either side.

Mantarraya Beach Club & Hammocks – A set of four hammocks with Holbox spelled on the poles.

Villas Tiburon: Another set of hammocks featuring Holbox written in colorful letters on the poles

Villa Flamingos – 2 hammocks in water right in front of Villa Flamingos

Pose at the Holbox Sign

You must take a photo of Holbox with the iconic Holbox sign. There is no L in Holbox, so you will have to create your own. This sign can be found at Tiburon Ballena’s main Holbox Pier.

Visit 3 Islands and Swim in a Cenote

We have already told you about the cenotes of Tulum, Playa Del Carmen Cenotes and the Cenotes close to Cancun. Now you can also swim in the Cenote off Isla Holbox. Cenote Yalahau is a large, natural pool that can be accessed by boat from Holbox. It can also be viewed as part of the popular Three Islands Tour.

The Holbox 3 Island Tour is one of the most sought-after excursions on the island. It takes you to Isla Pasion and Isla Pajaros as well as the Yalahau Lagoon.

Isla Pajaros is known for its 35 bird species. Isla Pasion (or Passion Island) has resident flamingos, and an observation tower that offers great views.

10 | Refugio Holbox

Refugio Holbox is a unique way to experience Holbox. It’s a favorite thing to do in Holbox, and you can leave a little of your heart with the lovely residents. They welcome volunteers to walk, care for or donate animals.

Experience the Bioluminescence Phenomenon

The southern beaches of Holbox have magically illuminated waters. It’s the only place in the world that millions of tiny organisms can be seen glinting on the waves. You can take a bioluminescence tour to get to the best spots.