Five Things You Need to Be Educated About National Day Golden Week

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Five Things You Need to Be Educated About National Day Golden Week

China’s national day is a major day to celebrate China’s independence and emergence as a nation-state. To commemorate the birth of the People’s Republic of China National Day is celebrated each year on October 1st-7th. Chinese are able to have a seven-day celebration from October 1st through 7th, also known as the golden week. Many activities are held throughout the country to commemorate these festivities, with the most notable being Beijing. It’s a holiday that promotes national cohesion and a time to honor the legacy of the previous president as well as look ahead towards a bright and successful future.

Flag raising ceremony

One of the activities performed during the national day golden week is the raising of flags ceremony held in Tian’anmen Square. The national fag guards parade in a line from the Tian’anmen gate tower during this event. The anthem song is played, which stirs hearts, while arms are saluted. The Tian’anmen Square ceremony attracts more people than usual.

Parade of the military

The military parade, which showcases China’s military strength and lasts for a total of 65 minutes, is an additional event that is held during the national day gold week. The military parade and the presentation is held to remember the humiliation of the nation, remember the sacrifices of revolutionary soldiers and build the unity of the nation and strengthen its harmony.

Event gala

The national day gala is held in the spirit of eulogizing the motherland and the contemporary era, and is presented by a variety of songs and dances, as well as celebrations. The celebration is a joyful atmosphere and promotes patriotism in all Chinese citizens.

Activities for Anniversaries

To remember the martyrs who died in the struggle for freedom in China, the communist party’s leaders as well as the high-ranking leaders present flowers to the monument in honor of the heroes of the people in their celebrations for the anniversary. Celebrations of raising the flag are organized by foreign Chinese communities and other celebrations are held during the celebrations.

Interesting Facts About China’s National Day


The national day golden week program is different across China and it is also the longest prolonged public holiday of the year on mainland China.

Streets are decorated

To commemorate the day of the nation and the golden week, all public institutions and government departments show and hang their lanterns on the shops and stores which line the streets. Potted plants are positioned and arranged on the main square to signify and mark the national day’s celebrations.


A large number of Chinese travel across China to mark the event festivities and flow to resorts during this holiday. The number of tourists increases significantly and by huge numbers year after year. If you landed a job to teach English in China, you would be stunned by the huge crowds in the streets as well as the popular tourist sites that are found in many Chinese cities.


In the days leading up to the festivities, you are able to do your shopping activities at the many shopping centers in China. The shopping malls are often full since many people spend the time buying decorations, food products and drinks to celebrate this event. A variety of items and products are available in the shopping centers, along with special discounts and deals during the holiday season to draw customers.


Hotels are often packed to the brim and exceed demand during the golden week due to China’s massive number of visitors. Plan your hotel, flight or train ticket ahead of time to avoid paying price hikes due to the increasing demand.

China is a huge country that offers a variety of possibilities, diverse culture and incredible holidays that tourists, expats and foreigners can enjoy while searching for teaching jobs in China or simply visiting for time with their families and friends. You will have a wonderful and memorable time thanks to China’s outstanding culture, popular destinations and celebrations.

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