Genshin Impact: “Geo Travel Diary” Commission Guide

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There are many daily commissions that Genshin Impact players can complete in each of the three regions. Geo Travel Diary Most of these daily commissions require Genshin Impact players to defeat a certain number of enemies. However, there are a few that do not involve combat.

Players are asked to learn the history of Geo Archons Musheng in Liyue Harbor as part of the Geo Travel Diary daily task. The daily a commission also includes a special achievement called “Geo Archon Anecdotes”. This is awarded to players who have listened and completed all four stories about the Geo Archons of Musheng. To unlock this achievement, players must complete the daily commission four times due to the sheer number of stories available.

After being given their daily commission, players will be asked if they would like to talk with Musheng. He can be found at the west end of Liyue harbor. Musheng will ask players to interact with them and request that they learn more about the Geo Lord. He then requests that players submit a prop for him to use in his story. Players can submit a prop to Musheng, and he will tell a different story depending on what item they provide. This allows players to track which stories they have heard so that they don’t waste time in unlocking the achievement.

Players can submit a variety items to hear the four stories that Musheng has divided into branches. You can unlock the first branch, God of History by submitting: Apple Berry, Bird Egg Carrot, Flaming Flower Stamens, Horsetails, Jueyun Chilis, Lotus Heads, Matsutakes, Mint, Mist flowers and Corolla.

You can unlock the second branch, God of the Stove by submitting Cor Lapis or Crystal Chunk, Electro Crystal and Iron Chunk. You can submit the following: Almond Tofu or Black-Back Perch Stew; Jade Parcel; Jewelry Soup; Jueyun Chili chicken; Matsutake Meat Roll; Mora Meat, SquirrelFish; Stir-Fried Filet; or Zhongyuan Chup.

The fourth and final story branch, The Groundbreaker can be unlocked by sending a Glaze Lily (to Musheng) Musheng will give the player the 10 primogem reward after he has finished reciting the story.

These documents can be found in the inventory of the player and are a great way to keep track of the story they have heard from Musheng during the commission questline. Unfortunately, any other documents that they have received from Musheng will be removed from their inventory when they hear a new story. To ensure that the story isn’t repeated twice, players should check their inventory before speaking to Musheng.

The Geo Travel Diary commission, like all daily commissions in Genshin Impact is entirely random. Players will likely spend quite a bit of time in-game before they receive the daily Geo Travel Diary commission. With careful planning, however, it is possible to complete the questline without difficulty.

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