Tips For Choosing The Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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Find The Perfect Fit

In order to select outdoor wicker furniture that best matches your outdoor space, you will first need to establish its size. Take measurements of any space – be it deck, patio, balcony or grassed area – that will require furniture. When making these measurements, measure both length and width accordingly so as not to feel cramped – allow plenty of room so as to allow you to enter and exit easily from it all. Wicker Warehouse provides various furniture sets crafted of wicker for every need and space imaginable, such as seating sets made of wicker, conversational sets, Wicker Dining Chairs and dining tables crafted of wicker. Available in both contemporary and traditional natural rattan and wicker styles with washes these sets will enhance any space! Whether entertaining outdoors or indoors our furniture made of wicker is ideal for large or small events alike!

Once you have taken measurements of your outdoor space, it’s time to explore outdoor wicker furniture options to find pieces with sizes and shapes appropriate to the area you have. Patios that are large should consider several pieces that could cover their entirety without becoming overwhelming; choosing too little furniture could leave it looking and feeling smaller than expected.

Check The Materials

Once you’ve found the outdoor furniture of your choice, it is essential to do some research into its materials to ensure you’re receiving only top-grade pieces made with durable materials and superior craftsmanship. Not all outdoor furniture is created equally so it is vitally important that you understand what qualities make a piece worth purchasing.

Wicker furniture we provide for outdoor use is made with sustainable wicker that is sourced sustainably, to minimize our impact on the planet. Made of recycled plastic and expertly handwoven by master craftsmen to guarantee maximum durability – meaning our pieces will stand up well over time in your backyard! It takes us just over one and a half hours to craft one chair. Although this may seem time consuming, it is worth our while in making designs which are both eco-friendly and ethically produced.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable, Of Course!

Wicker furniture designed for outdoor use is intended for pleasure – relaxing on the beach and playing card games or creating lasting memories with family and friends. Therefore, selecting comfortable outdoor furniture must be an absolute necessity – whether its fabric soft yet strong and robust cushions that retain their shape; an ideal cushion shouldn’t be an unreasonable expectation! We think not!

Covers that we hand sew are made from solution-dyed fabric that’s resistant to water, mold and bleach; dirt food spills; sun’s UV rays and anything else you could encounter. Solution dyeing ensures that colors won’t fade with time while being eco-friendly and recyclable to a degree – our covers truly are “lifeproof!” When designing cushion cushions for our outdoor wicker furniture collection we wanted luxury mattress-like cushions as outdoor cushions – that was the key concept when creating them.

Opt For Neutral-Toned Fabrics

When selecting furniture for outdoor spaces, a neutral color palette can help ensure that it will outlive trends. By opting for colors like cream, beige, tan or gray you can play around with bold accessories without fear of getting them mixed up; additionally, this allows for seasonal updates in terms of accessories to quickly makeover your garden!

Invest In Protective Covers

As exciting as it was to receive your brand new outdoor furniture, it may have escaped your attention that the piece might require covering. While this might not seem like a big deal initially, outdoor furniture endures wear and tear that’s unique to outdoor environments; from staining caused by pets and kids to weather damage daily. It’s wise to add cover when considering its lifecycle.

Outdoor furniture needs to be protected from UV rays, raindrops and wind for maximum longevity and return on your purchase. From UV protection and rain to heavy snowfalls and winds, to guarantee maximum value of any purchase.

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