The Best Work Abroad Experiences in the World

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A work abroad experience is a great way to learn new languages, get training on the job, and gain valuable knowledge.

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You can find endless opportunities to work abroad in almost all industries and niches around the globe. They’re great for anyone who is traveling for a short time or for many years.

Global Work and Travel is the best service to find work abroad opportunities. It’s easy to find the right job with a list of more than 30 countries and seemingly unlimited experiences. They have tons of resources that will help you navigate the process.

A resume that includes work experience abroad is a great addition. If you are looking to improve your resume and make your future job applications stand apart from others, then this is the place for you. These are the top ten work abroad experiences in the world.

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  • Australia: Working Holiday

Australia is a multicultural country with vibrant cities and dreamy coastlines. It’s also home to charming small towns. Australia is a popular destination for work abroad.

It has a population just 25 million people, a minimum wage 18AUD/hour and rarely sees temperatures below freezing. Global Work and Travel offers a variety of opportunities for warm-weather travel and a wide range of job opportunities.

You’ll be able to work in islands resorts, see the barrier reef up close, learn agricultural skills on outback ranches and farms, and serve patrons at one of the many bars and restaurants along the beach.

  • Canada: Working Holiday

Do you dream of working abroad in Canada? Canada is one of the most friendly countries in the world. With its diverse landscape and multicultural ethos and many opportunities for working visas, it’s easy to find a job here.

You might consider working in mountains, helping with conservation in national parks, or securing internships in top cities.

  • Teach In Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand is a popular work abroad experience. It will allow you to live among the locals. It is known for its delicious cuisine, lush jungles, gorgeous beaches, world-class parties and beautiful temples.

If you’re interested in this route, then keep in mind you’ll have to take an internationally-recognized teaching course, but in doing so you’ll get a chance to help Thai people boost their English skills while embracing their rich culture. Global Work & Travel has created Thailand experiences that allow you to get teacher training, a job placement, and all necessary paperwork.

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  • Teach In Costa Rica

If you want to teach English in western hemisphere then Costa Rica is the place for you. Costa Rica is home to a rich landscape of volcanoes and cities as well as beaches and jungles. This country also has a high level of biodiversity and conservation.

Like with other destinations, a Global Work & Travel teaching experience in Costa Rica will get you internationally-recognized teaching accreditation, a work placement, and an incredible cultural adventure all in one.

  • UK Working Holiday

The UK is a country known for its entertainment, sports and architecture. You can plan a working holiday here in any form you like.

You can get a job in the big city in any of the metropolises. However, you also have the opportunity to work in an English village, drink in a pub or be a staff member at a castle. While you’re walking outside the Queen’s home, you’ll have the chance to eat fish n chips and eat your entire weight.

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  • Elephant Rescue & Rehabilitation

Global Work & Travel offers many opportunities for elephant rescue and rehabilitation. This is a unique opportunity to help endangered elephants. They will be fed, bathed, and educated in their local communities.

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