Sedona Travel Guide and The Best Hiking Trails

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This 2-day Sedona, Arizona itinerary and travel guide includes information about where to stay, the best hiking trails, where to eat and what to bring.

A Sedona, Arizona trip should be on your top travel list this year due to its beautiful red rocks, vibrant forests, and vibrant arts-and-spirituality communities.

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Sedona is located in Arizona’s desert, not far from Flagstaff. It can be either a relaxing getaway or an active escape depending on your travel style. It’s an ideal destination for photographers, with great hiking trails available for everyone. Below is a 3-day Sedona, Arizona hiking and road trip itinerary that will help you plan your trip.

Day 1: Explore the City and Take a Scenic Drive

Sedona is a charming city that’s friendly and artistic. This area, also known locally as Main Street District, or Uptown is home to many new-age restaurants and shops. It’s also home to fun activities.

It’s worth taking a stroll through the streets, browsing the shops and getting your palm or tarot card read by one of the vendors. You can also shop at the Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village and grab a bite at one the many restaurants. Below are my top Sedona restaurants.

You can then hop in your car to take a scenic drive from here. Although many sites can be reached via hiking, it’s not possible to see all of them if you are only visiting for three days. Your car will be your best friend and help you check off places on your list.

The Red Rock Scenic Byway, 7.5 miles from Sedona to Interstate 17, Red Rock Loop Road, 6 miles past Red Rock State Park and Red Rock Crossing and Crescent Moon Ranch) and Oak Creek Canyon (State Route 89A, which runs from Sedona toward Flagstaff and follows Oak Creek) are some of the most popular drives in Sedona.

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Your first day was about getting to know the area, but your second day will be all about exploring the trails. There are over 200 trails that run more than 400 miles through Sedona, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Below are the top hiking trails I’ve mapped. The most popular ones, however, are Cathedral Rock and Devil’s Bridge, Fay Canyon and the Birthing Cave.

After you have finished your exercise and the sun has set, you can go stargazing. This can be done on your own, or you can book a tour. However, Sedona is a Dark Sky Community. The stars against the rugged terrain are some of the most stunning sights in the world.

Day 2: Slide Rock State Park and the Spa

Slide Rock State Park is located just 7 miles from downtown Sedona. Its name comes from its natural water slide.

Oak Creek Canyon is the location of the park. Take a ride down the 80-foot long rock slide, grab an innertube and float down river. Have a picnic. The park is best for summer (it’s too cold to visit other times of the year), so be sure to apply sunscreen and bring water shoes.

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After a day in the great outdoors, you can head back to town to relax at any of the many spas. Amara Resort and Spa, Blue Sage Day Spa and Sedona’s New Day Spa are some of the most highly rated.

  • Cathedral Rock

The Cathedral Rock hike is a 1-mile round trip. It will provide you with some of the most stunning views in Sedona. Although the trail is moderately difficult, it is well worth the effort. This is a popular hike so make sure you get there early.

Most Popular:

  • Fay Canyon

Fay Canyon Trail is a 2.6-mile trail that leads out to the back. It is popular with families and casual hikers. The trailhead is located just off Boynton Pass Road. This hike offers spectacular rock formations as well as the Fay Canyon Arch.

  • The Birthing Cave

The Birthing Cave Trail is a beautiful, 1.9-mile trek that takes you to the cave. It is quite popular and is considered moderate.