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  • Twin Peaks

After a tour through the vibrant LGBT Castro district, climb one of the famous San Francisco hills to reach Twin Peaks. This is hands down the most spectacular aerial view of San Francisco. Twin Peaks sunset is my favorite time to visit, but the city lights at night and fog in the early morning make it a great spot for any time of day.

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  • Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate can be ridden, walked, or biked across. This is either for the thrill or to explore the Marin headlands. You can explore the natural beauty of the bridge or go to Sausalito for lunch or drinks near the harbor.

  • Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square, a short walk from Lombard Street is my favorite SF spot (because of chocolate). The Ghirardelli sweet shop serves delicious desserts that will make you swoon. There are also some amazing boutiques to shop in the square.

  • Boutique Shopping in Haight-Ashbury

Haight-Ashbury is San Francisco’s coolest neighborhood. It’s funky, hip, and diverse. You can find trendy clothing, records, home decor and gifts in the many boutiques (and consignment) shops. Treat yourself to a shopping spree!

  • Musee Mecanique

This collection of arcade games was fascinating and entertaining. I saw them in a movie and was immediately excited to see them. These coin-operated arcade games are a fun way to feel like you’re a child for a moment, and the perfect prelude to a Boudin sourdough bread bowl or clam chowder.

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  • Painted Ladies

Ahh, the famous Painted Ladies. Who wouldn’t love to meet these beautiful ladies? Instead of buying postcards, you can take postcard-worthy photographs of the colorful Victorian homes built in 1800.

  • Take the Cable Cars along the Embarcadero

San Francisco is well-known for its cable car system. A trip to SF would not be complete without taking one. It’s not only memorable, but also very functional.

Parking in the city can be difficult. You can park your car in a garage on weekends, and then take a trolley down the bayside Embarcadero. For single rides, bring exact change or purchase a MuniPassport to unlimited public transportation throughout the city.


What does Andy Warhol’s work and Frida Kahlo’s “living wall”, 30 feet high, with more than 20,000 plants, have in common? All of them can be found at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

The new SFMOMA was expanded, rebuilt and renovated in 2016. It is perhaps the most unique architectural building in the city. It has seven floors and is sure to be a place where you can lose yourself, whether intentionally or not. I have fallen in love with many of the permanent pieces.

  • The Palace of Fine Arts

The geotag allows people to mistake photos of the Palace as European sites of historic architecture. Only a handful of the magnificent structures were built over 100 years ago. But, just looking at it would make it seem perfect as it is.

The Palace theatre hosts live performances and music, while the palace has an extensive collection of art exhibits. Are you not interested in the art scene? It doesn’t matter if you are not into the art scene. Take a stroll around the grounds and take in all of its beauty.

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  • Picnic at Ocean Beach

It is the most peaceful place in SF, and we consider it our ultimate beach getaway. Pack some sandwiches or sushi and firewood, and head to Ocean Beach for a picnic at sunset.

Baker Beach is a great spot for a photo opportunity with a view to the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Participate in a Pop Up Event

Pop-up events in SF range from unique interactive museums to culinary experiences. In fact, they beat NYC and LA to be the “top city” for pop-ups.

Favorite events are the Color Factory, Museum of Ice Cream and BLUD (an all-female chefs collab appropriately named Bitches Loven Up Dinner and Every. Single. One. This is what you and your Instagram followers will talk about for weeks.

  • Beer, Wine & Cider Tasting

Are there any pop-up events that you are interested in during your visit to the city? With your own customized itinerary of tastings, you can let your taste buds lead the way through the city.

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Northern California is well-known for its wineries. There are many opportunities to try some of the finest reds and whites in the country, as well as ciders at other venues (e.g. UPCIDER) as well as beers (Cellarmaker and Triple Voodoo).

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