Five Tips for Travel Agent: Straight From the Source

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Check out the fine print in your hotel.

Make sure you read the fine print after you’ve chosen your dream hotel. Book fees, daily hotel resort fees, cancellation fees and many other hidden costs can all add up to more than you anticipated. Erika Richter (spokeswoman for American Society of Travel Agent Advisors) says that these hidden hotel resort charges are meant to confuse consumers and distort their actual price. They are sometimes called ‘facility charges’. Make sure you inquire before you make a booking.

You should always have a spare outfit in your luggage.

You should always bring a change or versatile outfit if you are checking luggage. This includes socks and undergarments. Kalyn Franke, travel agent says, “If your luggage loses or takes a long time to get to you,” you’ll be glad that you have a spare set of clothes.

You can keep a printed copy of your itinerary in your bag.

Lost luggage is something that no one expects to happen. Even if you have a good connection, there are many things that could cause your bag delay. Perspectives Travel owner and travel advisor Amina Dearmon recommends printing a copy and packing it in your checked luggage. This will allow airlines to easily return your bag. Dearmon states that even if you’re only visiting your first destination, an airline will have a good idea of where you’re going and can send your bag to the next location.

Purchase a vibrant passport cover.

Another tip is to buy a brightly colored and flat passport holder. It is easy to spot in a flash. Boutique Travel Advisors employee Kim Parizek uses a pink one to help her spot her passport among the chaos of customs and security.

Keep a pair slippers in your purse.

Betsy Ball, founder of Euro Travel Coach recommends slippers for comfort and sanitation on planes, no matter what brand. “Even if your feet get sore during the flight you will still feel comfortable and can walk down the aisle without having to take off your shoes.

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